Currently we only ship to the US but if you are interested in a plot and are from another country direct message me through email or my twitter.

Shipping is Guaranteed to deliver an undamaged product or i will reship the plots you have purchased.

All plots are done on sturdy cardstock which looks great when framed but also looks fine on its own.  Currently we only offer felt tip plots so lines are similar to drawing with a fine tip Sharpie pen though not the same.


Our plots are not guaranteed for any period of time.  Plots hung in a bright spot may fade or degrade over time.  I'm unsure how a non acid free glass will effect the quality of a plot over years and years.

We suggest using acid free glass and not hanging them in direct sunlight.

Quality of Plot:

We do not use a modern plotting device.  Our plotter is a HP7470a pen plotter produce roughly thirty years ago.  For this reason there may be minor variations in the quality of the pen plots.

This is a major part of the appeal of plotting with old technology and should not, and is not, seen as a flaw.  Plots will very closely resemble the example images. 


If you are particularly displeased with a plot we require that you mail the plot back within 30 days of the purchase at your cost.  We will then refund your order once we receive it.

In lieu of a refund we will also offer to reprint the plot with different parameters or any other plot that is of equal or lesser value with no cost to you.